I just finished a 4 week course at Sid Sottung Academy. I have never been taught by people who are more passionate about what they do and in helping and caring about their students so much.

I have had such a laugh and learnt so much. I couldn’t hold scissors on the first day, compared to the last week cutting 20 people’s hair unassisted.

Any worried I have had, I’ve been able to go and talk to any of the members of staff and they have been completely honest, reassured me and f I’ve had any questions, the educators have always been able to answer.

The knowledge they have in barbering is absolutely amazing. I’ve learnt to much and have had such an amazing education, I have decided to do another course starting in three weeks for a longer time.

Anyone thinking of getting in to barbering or wanting to work on their skills then 100% choose Sid Sottung Academy.